2nd Lt Howell C. Osborne Jr

ID: 0-685276

Branch of Service:  US Army

Home Town:  Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas



Howell Collier Osborne Jr was born on the 20th August 1922. He grew up in Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Arkansas along with his brothers William and Thomas and sister Martha.  He was married to Francis W Osborne (Nee Stewart of Van Buren, Arkansas) and had a daugther named Ann.  


His father Howell C Osborne Sr, served as a student in the Army Training corps at Fayetteville, Arkansas during WW1. After leaving the army Howell’s father set up the Howell C Osborne Company in 1920, supplying local farmers with seeds, fertilizer and U.S approved baby chicks.


Howell learned to fly Vultee BT13 Valiant's as an  Aviation Cadet at Coffeyville Army Airfield, Kansas. He completed his basic flying course as a member of Class 43-F, achieved his rating as a pilot on the 26th June 1943 and his instrumment rating on the 19th October 1943.


After initial training he was transferred to the 335th Bombardment Group, Barksdale, Louisiana where he was selected to train on the B26 Marauder, Medium Bomber. While training at Barksdale he was joined by his wife Francis. They rented accommodation close to Barksdale, staying at 701 MacArthur Street, Bossier City, Louisiana. In the photograph below Howell can be seen standing outside this house.


At the time of the accident he had completed 230 hours, 40 minutes flying time on the B26.



His next of kin was listed as: 


Mr Howell C. Osborne Sr (Father)

419 North 20th

Fort Smith



Howell Osborne was originally buried on the 20th April 1944 in Lisnabreeny American Military Cemetery, Rocky Road, Belfast, Plot B, Row 2 Grave No4.  In 1947 the cemetery was decommissioned and his remains were exhumed and upon the request of his family repatriated to the United States.

He is now buried with his parents Howell Osborne Sr and Nell Osborne in Forest Park Cemetery, County Sebastian, 5001 Mid Land Boulevard, Ford Smith, Arkansas.



2nd Lt Howell C Osborne Jr 701 MacAuthur St, Bossier City, Louisiana.







Howell with his wife Francis



                                                              Francis and their daughter Ann


(All photograhs kindly supplied by Howell's nephew Mark Lutter)






Howell C. Osborne Jr

This picture came from the year book of the Aviation Cadets of Class 43-F.

(Picture kindly supplied by Howell's nephew Mark Lutter)



Osborne family marker, Forest Park Cemetery

Fort Smith

Photograph supplied by Diana Curry

 Fort Smith



Inscription on Osborne family marker

Photograph supplied by Diana Curry, Fort Smith



Howells grave.

Photograph courtesy of

Pat Murdock arkansasgravestones.org



Vultee BT13 Valiant in which Howell completed his first solo flight.

(Photograph supplied by Mark Lutter)


Howell Osborne Jr

Northside High School year book


(Diana Curry, Fort Smith)


Howell C. Osborne Jr