2nd Lt Chester M Turner

Chester Murray Turner was born on the 14th June 1921 and grew up with his sister Joyce in Cowley County Kansas. He enlisted at Arkansas, Cowley County on the 20th May 1942 and was allocated service number 0-753462. At the time of the accident he was 22 years of age.

Chester knew Howell from his time training in Barksdale (Chester counted signed Howell's will at Barksdale) and when they met up again at the Combat Crew Replacement Centre in Toome, Northern Ireland he must have requested a transfer to Howell's crew because a diary entry from a crew member that was flying alongside Howell's plane on the day of the accident stated that he was Howell's original Co-Pilot before swapping places with Chester.

After Chester's remains were recovered from Chimney Rock Mt he was buried with full Military Honours on the 2oth April 1944 in Plot B, Row 2 Grave N0.5, Lisnabreeny American Military Cemetery, Rocky Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland. The cemetery was decommisioned in 1947, Chester's remains were exhumed on the 13th November 1947 and upon the request of his family he was repatriated to the Unitied States.

When Chester returned home his sister Joyce accompanied his remains to the funeral home prior to his reburial. He was reinterned on 25th July 1948 and now rests alongside his parents Raleigh C. Turner and Grace E. Turner in Kansas Memorial Lawn Garden Cemetery, Cowley County, Kansas.

Joyce would later marry and have three children, two girls and a boy, she named her son after Chester.


                                                         Newspaper article courtesy of Chris Castello, Chester's great Nephew

 Chester's grave, Karen Rodenbaugh

Above an article printed in the Belfast Telegraph sometime in the late 40's.

The article relates to a letter sent by Chester's mother thanking the people of N. Ireland for their kindess.

(Article kindly supplied by friend and fellow aviation enthusiast Gary McFarland.)